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We - Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers - are healers and thus naturally drawn to the healing Arts and Sciences, whether conventional or alternative....;


One of the reasons you're checking out this book - 'Magic Is God' by Dr. Isis Day - is because you're looking for the Truth; and, once a Truth-Seeker...;


Rock, Pop, Waltz, Caribbean Jazz, Reggae, Rhythm, Dub, Island Music, for pagans, witches, wizards & new-agers. Tracks: 01 Witches Unite!, 02 Magic Is...;


This book - Witches Unite! by Isis Day - is a bold new perspective on Magic and Witchcraft; very inviting for those of us who're not Witches. Lucky...;


Great! Someone has finally had the courage to put Joan of Arc where she belongs, to re-unite her with her true brothers and sisters - Witches and Pagans....;