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illuminatista - homo sapiens

The Wisdom of Dr. Julie Williams, In Over 1,234 Crazy Statements
by Juliette Williams and Julie Williams
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Format: ebook / pdf
Editor: Marie Guillaumes
# of Pages: 234
Publisher: ZigaStar Publishers™
Release Date: 1/2020
SKU: ge-1642
ISBN: 9781656780492
Availability: Available
Available Quantity: Unlimited
Delivery Type: Download
Condition: New
Age: Everyone
Refund: It Depends
Sold by: ZigaStar

Illuminatista - Homo Sapiens, is another dynamite! from controversial authors Juliette Williams and Dr. Julie Williams, bringing you The (amazing) Wisdom of Dr. Julie Williams In Over 1,234 Crazy Statements, and edited by their favorite editor, Marie Guillaumes, who is most likely as stubborn and avant-garde as this mother and daughter tag-team duo. It is a must-read for any truly open-minded radical thinker. You may have proudly told yourself several times that you're open-minded, a free-thinker, and that you think outside the box. Well then, this book (including the other books in the Illuminatista series) is a true test of that claim. Gauge yourself and see if you'd shrug or cringe or agree or disagree as you read the outright, challenging and mind-boggling writings of these wise-acres. Think you've seen it all? Not yet, until you've at least perused this book and their other books so far -- Illuminatista - God 2.0 and Illuminatista - Mind Alchemy -- as they are nothing like you've ever read before. In Illuminatista - Homo Sapiens, you'll see a mixture of bold, blunt, anti, gloomy, ironic, funny and sweet statements like - "Moms are awesome!" "Life may glitter, but it is definitely not gold." "No matter how much of an angel you are, there are people who d think you re the devil or a fool." "People insist on you telling the truth, but they actually don t wanna hear the truth." "Some people crave to drink your blood for breakfast, eat your flesh for lunch, and nibble on your bones for dinner - don t let them - run!" "We re all like spaghetti thrown at the wall of life - a few of us stick, most of us don t, and some of us don t even make it to the wall." "So many lonely men, so many lonely women, what a shameful waste of life and people." "It s so easy to make angels smile just smile." "When you ignore your spouse, or become insensitive, bad things unavoidably begin to happen." "With every tick of the clock, your time on earth ticks away." "Despite the pain of child-birth, women can t wait to bring forth life into our planet - what a commendable courage!" "Everybody is wearing a mask - the question is - What, or Who, would you find behind the mask?" "We are all prisoners with invisible prison-walls." "The way of humans, like animals, is to take whatever they can, whenever they can, wherever they can, however they can, and from whomever they can." "Rules are for those who are not part of the inner-circle of giants that make the rules." "When you re young you feel immortal - When you re old you realize you re so mortal." "Anyone who does not expect surprises from humans has not had anything to do with them." "As long as there s money to be made from war selling guns and ammunition, etc., there ll never be an end to war." "Why on earth would a dentist have a bad tooth?" "While the rich do business talk, the poor do small-talk." Yep! I honestly thought I was the crazy one - Juliette and Julie Williams are definitely crazier! I surrender, gladly. -- Rica Mira.... listed via Great Books & Music on GladEra: Books, Magazines, Textbooks

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