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From the Foreword to 555 Affirmations from Psalms -- Positive Lines to Make Your Days Easier, by Maria Maris -- There Is God! I have tasted, I have...;


I Love Poetry by Becky Williams is A book of cool original and inspiring poems for your enjoyment.;


Essentially Questioning God by Becky Williams is an outreach to people of various levels of belief and faith to try to come to a cohesive understanding...;


This book - Illuminatista: Mind Alchemy - has lots of do's and don'ts. It is filled with statements like: We are this...; We are not that...; We...;


The Devil Made Me Do It by Lucie Goodman is A very naughty and mischievous book; plus revealing hints on the Devil's next alarming plans. Run! Whatever...;


Piano For Dummies, 1st Edition (1998) - featuring an audio CD by Blake Neely. (The book cover may differ slightly from the one shown on this site) Have...;


Joan Of Arc: A Role Model For Metaphysicians is a thesis on How To Spiritually Achieve Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, with the legendary Joan Of Arc...;


Illuminatista: Homo Sapiens, is another dynamite! from controversial authors Juliette Williams and Dr. Julie Williams, bringing you The (amazing) Wisdom...;


Romeo and Julie, by Julie Williams, is based on a true story. (Adults Only; Contains explicit adult language; Reader discretion advised.) "Girl gone...;


Smallwood's Piano Tutor by William Smallwood (Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.) is One of the best of all piano tutors ever.;